martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

I love you so much...

What is living?
Living is born ... reach a world entirely new and different that we know in our first months of life ... You start from scratch, knowing nothing, being alone, with no other possession than a name and our destiny...Suddenly, if we're lucky, we fall into the arms of an angel characteristically human that will be with us for the rest of our days are few or many. And that's when Mom appears.
We then moved on to another topic much more exciting. MOTHER. That word as comprehensive! I do not believe at all able difinir what being MADRE without going through that experience. But I'm in the absolute right to say, WHAT IS MY MOTHER FOR ME.
Mom is the person who taught me all about this world. It's who sheltered me from the womb, you who covered me with love in every moment of my life. It was she who, incomprehensibly, was the pain of my birth with the highest happiness. The life of a mother is completely paradoxical. She accompanied me on the first steps in my life. Which gave me time to learn to fend for myself. Which each fall before I rose with a smile. The patience and dedication that gave me life so you can enjoy mine. The one I feed a part of herself. The one who winced at every cry. He spent a sleepless night because of my temper tantrums or inconvenience passengers. He never complained or deny my existence. The one who taught me that you can love without expecting anything in return. The one that showed me that there is eternal and unconditional love. She would have given his life to see me happy. She still stood at a distance, it sends its protection through the distance. For me she overcomes storms, knock down mountains, cross seas ... She gets all my complaints, listen to my nonsense, share my pain and encourages me to follow step by step. FATIGUE AND NEVER SHOWS.
Companion of life, but you feel battered by fate, never jumped ship and is a merit that even God could pay you. I can not help but homenajearte and tell you how much I love you and admire. Thank you for everything you did for me, for the family. And when I think about NEVER leaving me to my admiration goes to unimaginable limits. For I know Mommy, wherever you are you old lady to be my beautiful, but the day comes that you no longer can hug, your heat will remain in me. Because your life is out of this world. Because your love is unforgettable, your life is an example and we will live together for eternity YOU IN ME, I IN YOU ...

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